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  1. Jason Leher says:

    I’m so happy to find this in Denver! I have been going to the Evergreen State College in Olympia. I was so fortunate to find a space for healing and spirit work at the Olympia dance co-op there. My need for some internal shaking it out is mounting, especially in a culture where materialism and idle nana continuously distracts good souls from the interconnected systems wholeness. Nodes of community in the city are so very valuable and are part of the equation that can change this world! Dancing the confusion away in ourselves is such a great way to create space for that awareness to guide us in how we look at the material world. Not that one is more important than the other.

    I cant wait to come dance, thanks for building this circle here. The mycelial network is growing (=

    • Hi Jason, I so appreciate receiving your thoughts on dancing, particularly a dancing community in the city. I couldn’t agree more. Rhythm Sanctuary has really come of age. I hope it serves as a model gathering that will inspire others to create something similar that meets week to week so we can all co-create together and spirit so that we can evolve with nature and birth this planetary shift that is upon us now in this new era! Thank you so much! I look forward to dancing with you! Yes, the mycelial network is growing and blossoming us all into oneness consciousness. Bless!

  2. Randall says:

    Divine. Inspiring. Enlivening.
    Truly a gift in reverent service to the heartbeat of the World.

  3. Philip On says:

    LOVE the concept. How do I join?

  4. brandy says:

    I have never had so much fun! The DJ was awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone. The energy and people were amazing

    • Hi Brandy, Yay, so grateful you took a moment to let your appreciation be known. It means a lot to us putting on the dance to know how it is received in the hearts of those dancing! Really, Rhythm Sanctuary is such a magical place because of you and the community who turns out week after week to dance their prayers. Bless!