My Soul is Gigantic by Eric ‘Gurmukh’ Klema


While I’m on this planet my Soul is gigantic
And even when I vanish I’ll go without panic
Come rain or snow, my flow is organic
The seeds of love and life have already been planted
And I’m here to reap what is rightfully mine,
So I’d like to remind and give sight to the blind,
And flight to the mind that seeks the Divine.
I break through illusions
Coming to conclusions of Truth as I dig into my roots and this music
And use it…
To uplift humanity,
Transcend insanity,
One human family,
Within God’s Anatomy,
Earth to the galaxy,
Merge in Infinity
And realize the One who gave birth to Eternity
Speaking my truth with mental agility
And Love is the energy that keeps on filling me.
Cause everything I see is a reflection of me,
And every human being is a fraction of me.
It took many lifetimes to actually see,
That the love I was seeking, is inside of ME…

— Eric “Gurmukh” Klema