Living Altars

Rite of passage, celebration, grieving, manifesting, or simply creating beauty Altars are a big part of the living environment in our dance. The community is encouraged to create altars that are meaningful to them which represent passages of experience past and current to integrate more fully into their healing and wholeness or to bring to witness the intention in a safe and appreciative community. It’s difficult to describe the experience of creating an altar because it is such a felt sense which unfolds and spirals during the act of creation much beyond the original vision or inspiration to create.

In the dance temple we have 4 altars. The Masculine Divine, Feminine Divine, Food Offerings, and Retreat Space. Our community uses the altars to ‘arrive’ into sacred space before the dance and leave the day behind through reflection, prayer yoga, or through using the imagery offered upon the altar. Often some of the most profound messages are received while sitting at these seasonal, elemental and communal inspired shrines. Anyone is welcome to arrange to come early and create an altar in our urban temple. We have many decorations, cloths and sacred items that can be infused into your sacred offering.

Towards the end of our  dance journey we move together in co-creation through candlelight and create a central altar using components of the existing altars creating in symbolic gesture and recognition of sacred marriage of the divine masculine and feminine that lives within us all.